Media & VFX

We are collaborative, versatile and creative media team that provides a full end-to-end video production and animation services; taking you from initial creative concepts right through script-writing, filming and editing. We do corporate videos, Infographic presentations,3D Animations, Visual FX, Industrial Photography and more..

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We love creating our clients' corporate stories. We deliver results that will help you make a difference.

Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

--Robert Weiss

Video Production

Corporate / Marketing Videos
Training & Safety Videos

Our corporate video production crew has worked with companies of all size and shapes. We’re eager and ready to engage and build a connection with your target audience by sharing your unique story with them, that what makes you the best in your field .


3D Animation

Product & Character Modeling
Industrial Animation
Short Movies
Visual Effects

Our creative and technical expertise, surrounded by a core of great support, artists and animators develops 3D/2D animations from concepts to character designs to animation to delivery.

Animation Showreel

Infographic Presentation

Corporate Presentations
Explainer Videos
Whiteboard Animations

We do Infographic animations made from graphic representations of data to clearly communicate complex information in a simplified, professional and engaging visual form. This is the best way for your audience to easily digest your corporate message.

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  • Media Production

RCSI Bahrain

Working on a very tight deadline, the team Kenz developed a concept, scripted the storyboard and produced the video, comprising shooting with 4K cameras, infographics and animation.



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